Professional Copywriting & Editing for the

Health & Wellness Industry

For conscious, 'do - good' health professionals who are on a mission to cut through the jargon,

communicate with Impact...

and lead with Integrity.

Great copy and content aren't just about

´getting´ more business. 


Ultimately, you know that the heart of your business revolves around giving. Your business isn't simply about providing a service - it's about being of service.


So how can you make sure that others recognize that? How can you establish trust online so that more ideal clients walk through your door? How can you promote yourself as a thought leader without selling yourself short or pretending to be like another contemporary in your field? 


Trust me...

  • You don't need to eye your competition and feel like you have to strain your voice in order to be heard.

  • You don't need to put on a persona, hoping to please your audience.

  • And you certainly don't need to come across as 'salesy' in order to market your business.


But you do need to leverage your unique message with powerful copy that reflects who you are, channels your integrity and sells. (Selling yourself effectively is very different from selling yourself out or selling yourself short.)

One last thing: your expertise is needed because you facilitate the body's natural healing process...and no one can do that in exactly the same way YOU can. 

If you ask me, that's quite a superpower. Let's spread the word

Let's Acknowledge the Elephant in the Room - 

A Response to the Spread of Covid-19

I know you're trying your best to navigate this unprecedented time. So am I. But you know what?

I recently learned that the Chinese character for 'crisis' also signifies 'opportunity'. That nugget of wisdom has kept my spirit tuned into new potentials. 


realize that your practice might be impacted financially. However, let's not allow money to be a roadblock to the continuing health of your business. So here's the deal:


I'm offering 25% off ALL services - from the beginning of April to the end of July.

And before you scroll down, it might be worth reading this first. If you're new to my site, you'll soon learn that my business philosophy is all about tuning in to your truth so you can offer real value to clients - offline and online. And it´s especially relevant during this transformative time.


Don't need copy written for you, but want an extra pair of eyes to go over it with you? In that case, getting a copy 'check up' can be the most ideal and affordable option for you. 

Web Copy

Make sure that your digital home welcomes readers and gives them an insider's view of who you really are.

Blog & Articles

Communicate your know-how, boost credibility and establish yourself as a thought leader. What's more, you can convert your readers into loyal clients. 


Want long-lasting relationships with leads, clients and colleagues? In that case, emails are a great option.

 ´Copywriting for a Googlicious Website´ 

This is the title of the podcast episode on Qiological, where I'm the featured speaker.  Hosted by the talented Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Michael Max, on this episode we talk about everything related to copywriting and how you can use copy to build your online presence and speak directly to your target audience.

(Psst! It´s actually much easier than you think!)

You can listen directly to the episode right here:



Or visit the website:



1. Craft Clear Content

Blogs, articles and email sequences are fantastic ways to communicate your know-how, boost your crediblity and build long-lasting relationships with clients and online followers. I base all written content on solid, evidence-based research that's written in your voice. 

2. Power Up Your SEO


Knowing how to navigate Search Engine Optimization is a great way to get Google to work in your favor and to set you apart from the search engine noise. I can help prospective clients to discover you more easily online. ​

3. Grasp the Psychology of Your Audience

Powerful copy builds relationships and inspires a sense of trust - further promoting your value.  I've previously worked as a neuroscience research assistant studying parts of the brain that are associated with decision-making. This gives me a sharpened ability to deliver copy that speaks directly to your audience and that leaves a lingering, positive impression in the subconscious mind. 

4. Shine Your Northern Light

This might take a little courage, but you want your copy to reflect an 'energetic signature' of who you are. Because when you expose your real, genuine self, the right clients will gravitate to you. When you allow your copy to reveal your authenticity, it will resonate with those who are meant to work with you. 

Hi, I'm Michelle Svalastog 

(Try saying my last name ten times -

as fast as you can!)

As a fellow business owner, I know that you naturally seek professional recognition and financial growth. But I believe that when you align your integrity and values with your business goals, you begin to attract the right clients, gain more financial freedom, and lead by example.

That's why I'm here to empower health professionals - like you - not just through powerful copy and content marketing, but also through something I like to call your ´Northern Light´. It´s a philosophy that influences how I approach major decisions in life...and in business. 

So whether you're...

  • A functional medicine doctor; 

  • A nutritional therapist;

  • An acupuncturist; 

  • A psychologist; 

  • Or a professional in your own right working in the health & wellness space...

I'd love to help you craft the perfect content marketing strategy that gets you real results. And I'm here to deliver copy that is aligned with your integrity, supports your business goals and, last but definitely not least, channels your own Northern Light. 

"Iselin really helped steer me and my practice in the direction of my Northern Light. Working with her to develop the copy of my site, MindPower-Change.com, was effortless and a pleasure. The copy really reflects the integrity and breadth of what I have to offer.

Thank you Iselin for your patience and your efforts to elevate my message and make it shine".

- Alexandra of MindPower-Change.com

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What's copywriting?

Still not entirely sure what it is? You wouldn't be the first who wondered. Click on the link, and I'll explain what copy is and what to look for in a copywriter.

I want to learn more about you

I'll share  how Northern Lights got started; hopefully, my own story can offer some inspiration for your venture.


Investing in Your Business May Not Always Feel Easy.

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P.S. If you're curious about what to expect from your 60 min consultation, make sure to scroll down below.

Wait - Is My Consultation Really 60 mins?

And Is It Actually Free?


Yes, and yes. I find that the more time we devote to nailing your message and brand, the better the final results will be.


I know many other talented copywriters out there start off with a 15 min call. While extremely efficient and may work for some, my style's a bit different. My top priority is getting your message on point, reflecting your business philosophy, mission, and personality.


In order to do that, I gotta get a good feel for who you are and how your Northern Light can shine through your copy. And I want to ensure that we have time to break the ice and establish an easy working relationship. 

The key topics we'll focus on are: 

  • Your project - You may have a very specific project in mind that you're eager to share, or you may just want to feel me out without any added sense of pressure - that's absolutely fine. We're here to get to know each other, so it´s important that you feel comfortable with me before we embark on any project. 

  • Your Northern Light - Okay, now it´s time to go a little deeper. What's your life philosophy? Your business philosophy? What are your core values that underpin your practice? All of this information will give me a better idea of who you are and how I can project that through your copy. 

  • Your business - Now it´s time to use analysis and strategy. We´ll discuss all things related to your business - what it looked like in the past, how it's looking in the present, and what you want it to look like in the future. 

  • Your inbound marketing strategy - Here, you'll share with me your ideal target market, and I´ll make suggestions for how we can further improve your clients´ 

       buyers journey.

  • Your SEO Understanding how Google ranks your website and content can be tricky. I´ll go through how we can optimise your SEO and make Google work for you. 

Is there something specific you want to discuss that's not mentioned here? 

Let me know and we'll discuss it during our session. 


Talk to you soon!