The Perfect Package


 The Real Deal 

Here I am, looking sweaty, tired, with zero makeup on. Maaaybe not my most flattering look, but who cares - feast your eyes on the THE VIEW! (Norway, baby!)

It's tempting to promote yourself in a way that only filters the 'perfect' parts you want others to see. But if you want your mission and vision to shine through your brand and copy, you're gonna have to peel off a couple of layers first. Let your audience get a glimpse of you, the real deal.


But who am I to tell you that if I don't do that too? Get comfy, and I'll share my story about how Northern Lights came to be.

Tri-lingual. Norwegian-American. Chinese Medicine Fanatic.

And Book Store Lover.

If someone told me 10 years ago that I would one day become a copywriter, I would have genuinely wondered if that person:


a)  lost their coconuts 

b) even knew me at all. 


Even now, sometimes I do wonder, 'wait... how did I get here'?! I've imagined doing so many things as a career, but a copywriter and business owner? No freakin´ way.


I was that shy, cautious girl who avoided taking chances and was way too scared to assert herself. It was easy to be authentic in the comfort of my own home and with my closest family members, but allowing others to glimpse my zany in public?


Uhhh...nope! Not happening.  

I tend to be very pragmatic, and I've based many of my major decisions on logic. I've erred on the side of caution, making career choices that seemed sensible and garnered approval.

As an example, I chose to pursue a Master's in Cognitive Neuroscience because it sounded impressive. I later became a school teacher because it seemed like the natural progression following my Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Education. And while I thought I'd feel fulfilled...somehow, I didn't. 


Throughout my 20's, I learned that while using logic and strategy could certainly lead to solid careers, it was an expensive price to pay if I didn't tune in to my inner guidance as well. 

I guess you could say that copywriting found me; I didn't intentionally set forth on a quest to become a successful copywriter. But the opportunity revealed itself as I was opening a new chapter in my life.  I used to teach in England. While that seems like a lifetime ago, I remember feeling burned out, exhausted, and miserable. And to make matters a little more complicated, I was also trying to keep a very-long-distance relationship alive. Finally, I decided to leave my life in the UK and join my partner in the US. 

That was the turning point.


After the big move, I did something a little out of character. Instead of putting my blinders on and bulldozing my way ahead, grabbing any job that seemed acceptable, I slowed down, got quiet, and truly evaluated what I wanted in my career - and in my life.

I discovered that the best path forward was to build something that felt truly mine - even if it meant starting over and learning through trial and error. And even more, I wanted to support and work with holistic health practitioners. My heart's always dwelled in natural medicine, so I got creative and found a way to apply my education and skillset...through copywriting.

You know that nightmare when you're standing buck-naked in front of the audience? Well, in the beginning, building this business felt exactly like that. Northern Lights started off as a passion project and as an experiment to take ownership of my career. Exposing myself to failure, at times, felt unbearable! 


But the experience empowered me to trust my instincts and in my capabilities. I found that being a little ´tough love´ on myself was actually transformative and fortifying. Ultimately, I reconnected with my truth and long-term goals - my own Northern Light.

As uncomfortable as it can be putting yourself out there with your business, I truly believe that when you follow your heart, trust your gut and use your brain, you will eventually find yourself on a path that reconnects you with your Northern Light.

May I be lucky enough to be a part of your own business journey and see where your Northern Light takes you


On a totally different note...


When I'm not on my, ´Hey guys, follow your Northern Light!´, soapbox, you can find me: 

  • hiking along a new trail 

  • trying my best not to blow my budget on books at the local bookstore

  • hunting for the best natural beauty products at the local health-food shop

  • meditating 

  • perfecting the optimal chocolate-chip cookie recipe

  • daydreaming about travelling to Northern California and taking a ´nature bath´ in a Redwood Forest. Tree-hugger at heart.

But Enough About Me. This is About You. 

Ready to learn more about how you can channel your vision to accomplish your mission? All through the power of great copy?