You May Wonder...

What Does it Mean to Follow Your

Northern Light? It Means:


Tuning in to your purpose.


Tuning in to your power.


Tuning in to your potential.


By doing so, you inspire others to do the same.


And when we all do, it's magical...


...Just like the northern lights we find in the sky.

Following Your Northern Light Also Means Marketing Your Business From the Heart.

It can feel uncomfortable blending your identity as a healer, educator, health-advocate and entrepreneur. You may feel like you have to sacrifice parts of yourself and market your business in a way that doesn't feel 'right' - that doesn't feel like 'you' - in order to make money and find clients. 

In this digitized, social-media-driven world, it's easy to feel down when we compare ourselves and believe that we don't measure up. When I first built Northern Lights, I found myself preoccupied with what other copywriters were doing. How they promoted their brand, how they structured their copy, what their website looked like, yada yada yada.

But once I slowed down for a minute and tuned in to my inner voice, I understood that marketing and sales don't have to feel sleazy and manipulative. It's natural that you'd be afraid to come across as 'salesy', especially when you're working in the holistic health industry.


But running a successful business has less to do with prioritising yourself and what you're gaining and everything to do with focusing on your clients and what you're giving. 

This is why I want to elaborate on this ´thing´ I keep referring to as your ´Northern Light´.  

For starters, I believe that many of us feel called to our work by one thing: our Northern Light. You may want to call it drive, you may want to call it your intuition, your inner voice, your truth, your north star - whatever you want to call it. 

Your Northern Light also expresses who you really are. It's not about appearing perfect. It's about channeling a more authentic and sincere you. 


By tapping in to your Northern Light, you're connecting with the kindest, most giving, most empowered version of yourself. You become grounded in your truth and less preoccupied with competition and comparison. And importantly, you stay aligned with your integrity, your compassion, and your mission.

When you're connected with your Northern Light, you market yourself with integrity.


That's why it's so important to nail your message so clients intuitively understand that you're the solution to their problem; they're inevitably drawn to you because they can sense that you have their best interest at heart.

In this uncertain, changing time, negativity can be just as pervasive and contagious as any virus. Copy has power. Leverage your online presence so you can share a message that promotes positivity, health, and abundance. That's the infectious 'love bug' we all want to spread.  


May you and your loved ones stay healthy and safe. 

Curious About My Story?

I´d love to share with you how Northern Lights got started. It might take a wee while to read, so you may want to make yourself a nice, hot cup of somethin´ good and get cozy!