So...What Exactly 

is Copywriting?

Copywriting is writing that specifically intends to drive a desired action. While often associated with sales and marketing, copywriting still needs to provide value to you. 

 'Copy ' is the text behind all marketing and sales material. It could look like a sales page in a magazine, a Facebook ad, or the text on your box of granola promoting its nutritional goodness. Familiar with McDonald's 'Mmmm I'm lovin' it' slogan? All of these examples are loud and clear forms of copy.


A Copywriter aims to use copywriting in order to drive a sale or promote a marketing strategy, making their role integral in business. Their goal is to connect with your target market and appeal to their desires, ultimately compelling them to act. For example, this could look like:


  • Signing up for your newsletter to learn more about your work

  • Clicking on the link to purchase your latest tech product; or

  • Scheduling a doctor's appointment at your practice.

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Thinking About Hiring a Copywriter? 

5 Qualities Every Good Copywriter Demonstrates from the Get-Go:

1. They make a real effort to understand you and your audience. Let's keep in mind that your copywriter has two main jobs: communicating your authenticity (and yes, making you look good) and writing in a way that resonates with your target audience. Your copywriter can't nail your message unless they understand you and your wider mission on a deeper level. Then they will know how to channel your purpose and deliver your message in a way that sparks connection with your ideal clients.

2.  ​​Your copywriter writes in an engaging way that makes your reader feel seen. Your prospective client needs to feel as though your message was written just for them. If they believe that you're the best person to solve their problem, they´re that much more likely to book an appointment with you.

3. They promote your business and brand through strategy - not tactics: Here's the thing: it´s so easy to get caught up using the correct ´tactics´ to attract attention and win future clients.


But tactics are actually the least important part. You are your brand. Your brand is your voice. 

No one on the planet sounds exactly like you! That's actually the best marketing strategy you can use. Your copywriter should be 110% on board with that. 

4. Your go-to copywriter knows how to structure your message so that it: 

  • is engaging and relevant

  • flows and reads in an effortless manner

  • effectively utilises certain tactics such as a call-to-action and call-to-value and places them strategically throughout your copy.

If anything else, remember this:

5. The right copywriter won´t make you seem like you're just

'talking the talk', telling your audience only

what they want to hear.

Instead, they will show your readers how you 'walk the walk' by aligning your copy with your values, purpose and vision.