Investing in a Copywriter Can Feel Like a Big Move


It´s also not always the most affordable option. While I normally don't believe in giving discounts, I do want to help those of you who are financially impacted by the spread of Covid-19. So! Listen up:


I´m offering 25% OFF ALL SERVICES.


It´s best to strike while the iron´s hot, though - my offer stands until the end of July.

P.S. Recently graduated from an accredited institution? 

I've got your back. I know what it´s like to start a business on a budget and have no clue where to start. But what I know for sure is that building a business is all about taking those baby steps.


And improving the quality of your copy should be one of those steps.


I believe that value and quality always go hand in hand. So I deliberately keep costs lower than average. That way you can say, ´hell yes´ to investing in your business sans any trepidation. 

Can't find what you're looking for? Contact me and I'm sure we can work something out.

Quick Copy Check-Up

Starts at 

250 USD 

230 EUR

200 GBP

(per 90 minutes)

+ the VAT that is applicable in your state or country

Getting a professional take on your business without committing to a bigger project is a great way to save time and money. We´ll do a 90 minute live call on Skype or Zoom, where I´ll look over your website and copy and give you constructive feedback. By the end of the session, you'll have a solid, clear idea of how to take your website and content to the next level. 

Prefer to craft your copy solo? No problem. I´ll share with you classic tips that are shared amongst copywriting professionals - from gold-standard copy formulas to how to write an effective call to action. If you want to write copy on your own, getting a copy ´check-up´ could be the perfect, most cost-effective place to start. 

Copyediting + Proofreading

Starts at 

150 USD 

140 EUR

120 GBP

(per 500 words)

+ the VAT that is applicable in your state or country

Have you ever read something so many times that you literally cannot spot mistakes right in front of your eyes? Been there, done that. 

 If you already have written material, it could be highly beneficial to use me as an extra pair of eyes. I´ll make sure your copy reads clear and will cut out ´fluffy´ bits that don't add to your message. So, let's get your copy nice n' sharp.

Website Copy

Total package  

1350 USD

1240 EUR

1080 GBP 

Per web page 

550 USD 

510 EUR

445 GBP

+ the VAT that is applicable in your state or country

Your website is your digital home, your online calling card. Web copy is often hugely overlooked, but when done right, it can be the most powerful way to make your mark and promote your brand. If your ideal clients can get a good feel for who you are through your web copy, they'll be that much more driven to work with you. 


Total package: includes your home page, optional landing page, about page (optional professional bio included), services page and contact page.

Blog Content

Starts at 

200 USD 

180 EUR 

150 GBP 

(per 1000-1500 words)

+ the VAT that is applicable in your state or country

Second to your web copy, your blog content is another fantastic marketing tool. You've worked hard to get to where you are, so go ahead and showcase your expertise. 

Publishing blog content regularly can be a time consuming part of running a business, so I'm here to take a load off your plate. With my research background, I´ve got a knack for collecting all the relevant literature and whipping up written material that´s clear, engaging and highly professional. 

Email Sequences

Starts at 

90 USD 

85 EUR 

70 GBP 

(per email)

+ the VAT that is applicable in your state or country

Emails are a wonderful way to engage your audience and build a following organically. Developing strong relationships with your readers is also a great way to potentially get referrals, and even more importantly, it demonstrates that your priority is to be of service and to provide value. 

3. Research & Writing 

Then, I´ll start with the research and writing process as soon as I receive the first round of payment. You'll receive the first draft on the scheduled deadline in a Word or Google Doc form. That is your first round of edits. Once you send me your feedback,

I´ll polish up the first draft and send the revised version before the final deadline. And of course, we'll be regularly in touch throughout the writing process. It´s important to me that we're always on the same page.

4. Editing & Final Payment 

Once you receive the second draft, you'll also be requested to pay the final 50% payment. Want to make further changes to your second draft? No problem -  your satisfaction is my top priority. Simple as that. 

1. ​We Connect 

First, we´ll get to know each other through Zoom or Skype during your consultation. We´ll talk in detail about what your business currently looks like, define your goals, and solidify your inbound marketing strategy. You'll receive an estimated 1st draft deadline, final deadline, and project quote. 

 2.  Work Agreement & First Payment 


Next, I´ll get in touch with you shortly after your initial consultation via email with a work-agreement attached. I charge a 50% deposit up front; this will reserve your place in my project queue. 

When You're Ready, I'd Love to Hear About Your Project.

Head on over to the contact page where you'll also receive a detailed overview about what to expect from your free 60 minute consultation.